UV curing unit innovations by Atlantic Zeiser

The SMARTCURE series features cost-saving, environmentally friendly UV LED technology for curing of industrial inkjet inks. This results in high-quality printed bar codes, text and images, as well as excellent adhesion to the substrate – thus improving printing system productivity.

Based on proven ease of use, low overall energy consumption, minimal cooling requirements, and a long operational lifetime, UV LED curing units are a superior choice for both short and long production runs and frequent on/off switching.

Since the early adoption of UV LED curing technology, Atlantic Zeiser has designed and built perfectly adapted packages of industrial inks and SMARTCURE UV LED curing units. Continuously optimizing ink formulations based on industry experience also serves to improve overall product performance.

Type Illuminated Area (w x l) Curing
SMARTCURE 75/200 75 x 50 mm water-cooled
SMARTCURE 75/400 75 x 50 mm water-cooled
SMARTCURE 150/160 150 x 20 mm water-cooled
SMARTCURE 225/200 225 x 50 mm water-cooled
SMARTCURE AIR 20/125 20 x 25 mm air-cooled
SMARTCURE AIR 20/250 20 x 50 mm air-cooled
SMARTCURE AIR 25/100 25 x 20 mm air-cooled


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