OMEGA Pro Printer

New printer generation OMEGA Pro – 4 colors in a single pass

The DoD UV inkjet color printers of the new OMEGA Pro generation captivate with an astonishing and brilliant printing quality

Full color and flexibility – the new drop-on-demand UV inkjet printers of the latest OMEGA Pro generation combine the productivity of commonly used offset printing with the flexibility of digital printing technology. This offers unexplored possibilities for personalization, coding and serialization of wide range of products including graphics, pictures and text elements. Compared to offset printing this approach allows to produce even small batches with high cost efficiency.

The OMEGA Pro printers have been specially designed for use with Atlantic Zeiser coding and serialization equipment. Integrated in the new DIGILINE Versa the OMEGA Pro printer are the basis for serialization and four color late stage printing for pharmaceutical packaging. Product and country specific elements regarding product declaration can be printed just in time on flat or glued cartons. Thanks to a native resolution of 600 dpi even smallest details can be printed razor sharp and with highest accuracy.

Exploding costs for logistics, capital lockup and procurement caused by a growing amount of product variations and continuously decreasing lot sizes can be minimized with the digital full color printing technology of OMEGA Pro representing a massive potential for savings.

In combination with the especially developed UV curable inks from Atlantic Zeiser the OMEGA Pro print heads satisfy all requirements regarding availability, reliability and usability of the systems that are equipped with the new printer generation. Moreover the printouts produced with OMEGA Pro are lightfast and resistant to water, solvent and wear.

OMEGA Pro – Overview
Model Colors Print Resolution Print Width Print Speed
OMEGA Pro 4C 54 4C 600 dpi 54 mm 40 m/min
OMEGA Pro 4C 108 4C 600 dpi 108 mm 40 m/min


Lisa Romahn

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