Serialization – Will Pharma Companies go out of Business?

The deadlines for serialization – November 2017 for US and February 2019 for EU – made serialization and its implementation a hot topic at Pharmapack in Paris, February 1st and 2nd 2017.

The “Serialization, Track & Trace Symposium” attracted an amazing number of delegates and visitors. It revealed: Big pharma seems to be barely covered whereas a lot of small and medium sized pharma companies are in real danger. The alarming truth: Many CMOs are also too late, or have not even started and therefore cannot help.

The conventional approach, i.e. serialization integrated in the packaging line is time-wise blocked for many enterprises and apart from this it is not necessarily the most economic one for all circumstances and products.

Alternative ways that can rescue your business – and even can make it more efficient – have been presented.

The following video shows alternative ways for serialization and explains the benefits in a simple manner. Can you afford to miss it?


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Helmut Schneider
Helmut Schneider
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