Personalization System for Long-life Color ID Cards

PERSOLINE is a flexible and modular production solution that enables cost effective full-color personalization of ID cards with high levels of durability and security. The system combines the benefits of several technologies: laser personalization, four-color DoD inkjet printing, digital UV varnishing and CoolShield security lamination.

PERSOLINE handles up to 6,000 cards per hour producing brilliant four-color personalization with a significantly lower cost for consumables as compared to legacy solutions. In combination with „CoolShield” security lamination, PERSOLINE delivers a strong performance/price ratio.

PERSOLINE can laser-mark a small gray-scale photograph and print the same image in color using DoD inkjet printing, then cover it with a UV varnish for durability. Another method for superior security is to add a holographic patch laminate covering all personalized content by applying a special CoolShield technique. The patch laminate is also highly durable and abrasion-resistant, since it contains a top plastic layer.

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Input High-performance scratch-free pick-and-place infeed station with magazines allowing for increased feeder autonomy. An additional card buffer enables nonstop operation.
Chip Programming Scalable chip programming module features up to 60 industry-standard readers and allowing for a flexible configuration of contact, contactless or combi programming heads.
Chip Programming SDK Software Development Kit for offline development of chip personalization scripts and software applications.
Laser Marking In combination with color DoD printing, grayscale laser marking allows the addition of high-security images into an inner layer of a polycarbonate card.
Four-Color DoD Printing


High-resolution 950-dpi digital four-color single-pass inline DoD printing with UV-curable inks, ensuring brilliant print quality and perfect adhesion to a wide variety of card materials, including polycarbonate.
CMS Professional A complete color management solution that automatically calibrates the PERSOLINE four-color DoD printing module for optimal quality and superior color consistency.
UV Coating Applies a digitally printed layer of a clear ultra-durable UV-cured varnish onto DoD-personalized data ensuring superior card life.
Lamination “CoolShield” cold security lamination at speeds of up to 6’000 cards/hour, allowing either the application of an ultra-thin security laminate or a highly durable patch laminate.
Flipping Allows inline processing of both card faces at full speed based on a field-proven design.
Inkjet Imaging


Deep black and robust 720-dpi binary personalization of bio data, 1D and 2D barcodes, fingerprints and more. Atlantic Zeiser inks provide a high contrast and adhere to a wide variety of substrates.
Print Verification Enables card orientation verification, laser marking or print registration x/y offset correction and inline OCR camera verification of personalization data elements.
Stack Sorting Includes four standard card magazines and flexible sorting modes for easy handling of personalized cards.

Clemens Störk