PERSOLINE Commercial

A commercial card factory in a fraction of the footprint

PERSOLINE Commercial is the right choice for card manufacturers or personalization bureaus who handle both commercial cards without a smart chip and smart cards like financial or SIM cards.

PERSOLINE Commercial lets personalization bureaus add more attention-getting creative elements to their gift, loyalty, membership and promotional cards, such as brand colors, spot coatings, and other effects. Instead of depending on a complex litho-based card manufacturing process or external suppliers, PERSOLINE’s full-color, high-speed DoD inkjet printing and UV coating modules allow cost-effective processing of short runs while keeping inventory low and shortening delivery times. Starting from blank cards, PERSOLINE Commercial combines full-face artwork printing with real-time individualization and personalization. Thanks to PERSOLINE’s modularity, both card faces can be processed in a single pass – enabling speeds of up to 6,000 duplex cards per hour – a significant throughput advantage over alternative systems. This system also generates higher margins by driving down the cost per card.

PERSOLINE Commercial – Modules
Input High-performance, scratch-free pick-and-place infeed station with magazines allowing for high feeder autonomy. An additional card buffer enables nonstop operation.
Chip Programming Scalable chip programming module features up to 60 industry standard readers and allowing for a flexible configuration of contact, contactless or combi programming heads.
Chip Programming SDK Software Development Kit for offline development of chip personalization scripts and software applications.
Magnetic Encoding Fully digital high-precision magnetic encoding of LoCo and HiCo cards. The unit allows quick exchange between bottom-up and top-down encoding.
4C DoD
Inkjet Printing
Starting from blank cards, a 950-dpi digital four-color single-pass DoD printing module prints full-bleed artwork and personalizes it inline with UV-curable inks to ensure brilliant print quality.
CMS Professional A complete color management solution that automatically calibrates the PERSOLINE 4C DoD printing module for optimal quality and superior color consistency. CMS Professional ensures faithful reproduction of corporate colors and graphical elements.
UV Coating Provide full edge-to-edge or spot coating, or special 3D-type effects to embellish elements on the card.
Flipping Allows inline processing of both card faces at full speed based on a field-proven design.
Inkjet Imaging
Deep black and up to 720-dpi binary personalization of terms and conditions, personalized card numbers and 1D or 2D barcodes; font sizes as small as 2 pt. are possible.
Print Verification Enables inline OCR camera verification of personalization data elements.
Stack Sorting Includes four standard card magazines and flexible sorting modes for easy handling of personalized cards.