Cost-effective personalization of SIM and Pay-TV cards

PERSOLINE SIM is a modular personalization system for electrical and graphical personalization of all types of SIM and Pay-TV cards with unmatched productivity. PERSOLINE SIM supports a maximum machine speed of 6,000 cards per hour. This speed can be sustained even for extensive graphical personalization requirements, such as multiple bar codes using DoD printing technology, as well as for long chip programming times.

The PERSOLINE SIM system enables card producers to cost-effectively boost productivity in the globally booming markets for SIM cards. However, since PERSOLINE is a fully modular personalization platform for virtually any smart card application – both contact and contactless – this high-end personalization solution can be expanded as needed to meet new production requirements.

Input High-performance scratch-free pick-and-place infeed station with magazines allowing for increased feeder autonomy. An additional card buffer enables nonstop operation.
Chip Programming Scalable chip programming module features up to 60 industry standard readers able to cope with the most complex personalization profiles.
Chip Programming SDK Software Development Kit for offline development of chip personalization scripts and software applications.
Inkjet Imaging Deep black and up to 720 x 720 dpi binary DoD inkjet personalization of ICCID, PIN/PUK codes and barcodes. Font sizes as small as 2 pts. are supported. Atlantic Zeiser inks adhere to a wide variety of substrates.
Print Verification Enables inline OCR camera verification of personalization data elements.
Laser Marking In addition to the many benefits of DoD inkjet printing, for projects that still require laser marking, a laser marking module can be added. Fiber lasers of different power levels are available. An embedded flipping feature allows processing of both card faces with a single laser unit and thus reduce investment cost.
Flipping Allows inline processing of both card faces at full speed based on a field-proven design.
Label Application Inline application of PIN/PUK scratch-off labels and labels for MVNO card packages.
Stack Sorting Includes four standard card magazines and flexible sorting modes for easy handling of personalized cards.