Clinical Trials

Coding of booklet-labels in continuous sequence for clinical trials is a very complex task leading to demanding requirements for the equipment. Also for smaller batches maximum process safety is important to guarantee the success clinical trials. Due to the specific characteristics of booklet-labels like e. g. their thickness they can in many cases not be processed with thermal transfer printers. DIGILINE Booklet from Atlantic Zeiser now allows to efficiently code booklet-labels in highest and durable quality while guaranteed audit-proof process safety.

Coding booklet labels for clinical trials may face you with several demanding aspects:

  • Increasing thickness of the label stock
  • Fully or partly transparent label materials
  • Low adhesion of booklets to the carrier ribbon
  • Tight space on pre-printed labels for variable information
  • Pharmaceutical requirements and audit related safety issues
  • Necessity of 100% camera inspection and need to maintain the sequence of numbers
  • Small and large job sizes
  • High costs for ink ribbons and thermal print heads
  • Potential of operator mistakes

If you face some of these challenges it is the right time to consider the functionality and benefits provided by Atlantic Zeiser’s DIGILINE Booklet.

Ute Heiler