Upgrade print quality and inkjet print width

Since the first installation of the encoding equipment for gray market coding the development of new and more powerful printers improved the range of applications significantly. New features can be made available for your existing machine.

The continuous inkjet technology with which most machines were equipped only covers a relatively small print width and produces low resolutions of max. 60 dpi. The cosmetic brand owners seek for smaller codes and higher printing quality. In order to meet these demands without the need to fully reinvest, Atlantic Zeiser makes it possible to upgrade the existing sheet coding machine by inserting the OMEGA Table extension vacuum table with high transport accuracy. The OMEGA Table furnishes the required space and smooth transport for high quality inkjet printing systems and other units with similar requirements.

In combination with the GMC 2.0 software a modern, user friendly graphical program for the setup of sheet based print jobs the OMEGA Table turns into a complete solution which is ideal for quick job changes.

Thanks to the OMEGA Table Data Matrix and QR-Codes can be encoded at literally unlimited speed. This opens excellent possibilities like e.g. invisible safety features on each single box.

OMEGA Table – Modules
OMEGA inkjet printing system
GMC 2.0 software

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