Coding of booklet labels for clinical trials with maximum process-safety and quality

DIGILINE Booklet is a DoD-inkjet based roll to roll machine which has been especially designed to code booklet-labels with variable data for clinical trials. Thanks to several unique features DIGILINE Booklet offers a multitude of specific benefits leading to maximum process-safety and code quality.

Thanks to the contact free DoD-inkjet printing technology DIGILINE Booklet is able to process booklet labels up to 4 mm thickness which is not possible with common thermal transfer printers. A so-called register camera makes sure that the vertical printing position of the each individual label on the web is aligned in the right way. This is especially of advantage when printing variable data into defined fields of preprinted labels.

On demand a second camera carries out a full inspection of the entire printing layout in order to assure a 100% error-free production – one of the prerequisites for a successful clinical study. In case of a detected fault the labels in question will be automatically positioned on a splice table und can optionally be post-produced to maintain the correct number sequence.

Thanks to a patented feature which allows to already print on the first incoming label the amount of expensive waste can be reduced to a minimum and also allows the smooth production of smaller volumes. This feature also guarantees more process safety as no unprinted label is rewinded on the finished roll.

The rugged industrial design and large roll diameters make DIGILINE Booklet suitable for large production batches. The sensitive and expensive booklet-labels are not overbent and the dynamic web tension helps to avoid telescoping effects of the printed rolls. For this purpose the core of the rewinder is in addition equipped with a feature that helps to align the ribbon of the incoming roll.

Production with DIGILINE Booklet has another advantage: Compared to common thermal transfer printers costs for consumables are significantly lower and the mechanically stressed heat bars do not need to exchanged frequently to maintain printing quality. Thanks to the contact-free printing technology also unwanted production interruptions due to adhesive residues that are likely to cause problems with the ink ribbon are a thing of the past. The UV-curing ink which is used with DIGILINE Booklet is resistant against wear and solvents.

DIGILINE Booklet is the first choice when coding of variable information on booklet-labels has to be audit proof in order to assure the success of a clinical trial and errors are not an option. DIGILINE Booklet is a complete system solution, no further working steps are required when processing labels.

DIGILINE Booklet – Modules
Camera for code verification or full inspection for each printed label including splice feature with automatic positioning
Side register camera to compensate the print area across running direction
Web edge feature to compensate telescoped mother rolls
Available print widths from 36 to 210 mm
Core diameters with 3″ , 4″, 6″ can be processed

Eric Storz