The sustainable track & trace solution – all in one piece

MEDILINE T&T is a highly productive and compact module for the serialization of packed boxes and combines coding, camera inspection and labelling in one step. Thanks to its compact design with integrated accumulating conveyor it can be easily and quickly integrated into existing packaging lines. The system is equipped with a direct link to MEDTRACKER, the central serialization software solution from Atlantic Zeiser.

The precise transporting mechanism of MEDILINE T&T is composed of an integrated accumulating-conveyor and a main transport belt with special sliding cams for slip-free processing of different box formats. This guarantees a perfect coding result even at high production speeds of up to 300 folding boxes per minute.

On demand additional labels or helper codes may be applied from the top. The integrated inspection camera reliably checks printed codes and activates if the necessary the eject mechanism to the collecting box.

Every process step is assigned, controlled and reported back to the MEDTRACKER software which allows to centrally administrate several modules in different lines even at different plants at the same time. This guarantees the highest possible level of audit-proof process safety. In addition MEDTRACKER guarantees that serial numbers can only be used once even when producing simultaneously over multiple lines.

MEDILINE T&T – Modules
Transport system with sliding cams and integrated accumulating conveyor for production speeds of up to 300 boxes per minute, 600 dpi REA cartridge printer, inspection camera with eject mechanism and collecting box
Conveyor heights 860 to 940 mm with preset positions for box alignment: front, central or rear
Optional: MEDTRACKER serialization software
Optional: Label applicator

Lisa Romahn