All-in-one full-color card production solution

CARDLINE VERSA Color Plus enables users starting from the blank white card to print and personalize high-quality gift and loyalty cards in a single production pass with unprecedented color brilliance and efficiency, even for short runs.

CARDLINE VERSA Color Plus is the first system worldwide to use UV ink for printing six colors while fully personalizing the output – without any preprocessing of the blank PVC cards. Thanks to high-resolution digital printing, even the finest details and outlines can be reproduced with phenomenal clarity. The quality of the output is largely attributable to a new generation of OMEGA Pro printers with DoD technology for UV ink. CARDLINE VERSA Color Plus complements the customary offset printing color spectrum with numerous special colors, and produces the individual tones durably and consistently. This capability is a major boon for card issuers, who attach the utmost priority to the accurate reproduction of their trademarks and logos. These requirements could be satisfied thus far only with the larger print runs and higher costs associated with offset printing. Measured against legacy systems, the DoD technology of CARDLINE VERSA Color Plus enables users to reduce the cost of printing and personalizing gift cards by around 90 percent.

CARDLINE VERSA Color Plus – Modules
Infeed The high-performance friction feeder unit for variable formats is equipped with a vertical card holder. For larger volumes, an optional horizontal product loader can be added. The feeder system is synchronized to the speed of the main transport system. Optional pre-read camera/scanning devices are also available.
Magnetic Encoding Atlantic Zeiser’s state-of-the-art high precision magnetic encoder allows full flexibility in magstripe encoding anywhere across the card, as well as from top down or bottom up. This unit can be configured with an additional set of write/read heads for parallel encoding of up to two magstripes. Both top down and bottom up encoding are standard.
6-Color OMEGA Pro DoD Inkjet Printing The new 6-color drop on demand printing module, which uses the new generation Atlantic Zeiser OMEGA Pro UV inkjet produces a wide variety of custom colors in addition to standard offset print colors. This gives card producers new options for creating eye-catching layouts while observing many issuers’ corporate design directives. All variable data Ripping is done inline in real time for more efficient throughput and without interruption – eliminating the delays of pre-RIP-ing offline.
CMS Professional The Color Management Suite enables users to color calibrate the printer to customer-used card substrates. It measures special sample layouts printed onto customer cards using a x/y table and a special measurement device. Based on the results it generates ICC color profiles which are then loaded into the OMEGA Pro printer.
UV Coating This is a value-added step in the process that provides a glossy, finished look. A transparent coating can be laid down edge-to-edge or used selectively to enhance or embellish spots.
Flipping Allows single-pass inline processing of both card faces. The unit can easily be switched from flipping to straight-through operation.
Inkjet Imaging Deep black high resolution binary printing of terms and conditions, personalized card numbers and variable 1D or 2D bar codes. Font sizes as small as 3 pt are possible.
Print Verification Enables inline OCR camera verification of personalization data elements. For improved reading performance, difficult backgrounds can be faded out.
Labeling High-speed accurate wipe-on labeling with x-core function reduces roll changes and machine downtime. A user-friendly waste aspiration feature eliminates waste roll rewinding.
Label Verification A high-speed camera checks and verifies the position and integrity of each scratch-off security label.
Delivery System design allows a choice of two delivery options:

  • Shingle Delivery Unit includes waste gate and shingle delivery
  • Dual-Shingle Delivery Unit includes waste gate, shingle delivery for remade cards, and shingle delivery for good cards

Lisa Romahn