Verification & Control

Data verification and print quality control has never been that simple.

Atlantic Zeiser camera systems offer speed and reliability in all circumstances and are uses to read, verify and measure within a wide range of applications.

  • Read & print; print & read
  • Character and pattern control for cards and security documents
  • Inline orientation verification
  • Anti-counterfeiting, track & trace
  • Ticket sequence control

With Atlantic Zeiser’s VERICAM Pro, 100% data verification and print quality control becomes as easy as 1–2–3. Our camera combines the proven, unmatched performance of our industry leading camera algorithms with an intuitive easy user interface.
Via xml interface, VERICAM Pro can be configured directly with the print information of the printer without any configuration interaction of the user.

The self-explaining interface enables the configuration of several regions of interest. Each of these regions can be set up individually and independent from the context. The drag and drop operation avoids configuration errors. TTF and OTF fonts, 1D and 2D bar codes are available. High-quality cameras are used. With this module you will have an advanced verification technology in place, making your print and personalization jobs more profitable by fast job change-over and by increasing machine availability at the highest quality standards.

Camera systems for data verification are used by Atlantic Zeiser in all business fields.

Ute Heiler