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Future-proof Serialization and Late Stage Customization solutions

At FachPack in Nuremberg/Germany and Open House in Aprilia/Italy

On this year’s FachPack exhibition and during an Open House Event in Italy, which was held in the facilities of Metapack Engineering, Atlantic Zeiser gave particular insight on how the future of serialization and late-stage printing will look like.

Although many pharmaceutical companies are facing the EU regulation and similar laws that emerge worldwide, the future goes clearly beyond being just compliant. “Batches are getting smaller, cost pressure is growing and stock volumes are waiting to be optimized – be it for packaging raw material or for finished products” explains Product Manager Michael Urso. “In addition outsourcing to CMOs and logistics service providers seems to be a growing trend in the pharmaceutical environment.” In order to cope with these future requirements that come together with serialization, the choice of the right software and hardware solutions seems to be one of the most crucial aspects.

With the DIGILINE Versa that was presented during both events – it is possible to carry out country and product specific late-stage printing on flat and glued cartons in full color and brilliant quality. At the same time all codes and information that are required for serialization can be applied in the same working step. Big investments for serialization equipment into the packaging lines are not necessary with this offline approach. At the same time bound capital to keep and administer stocks of uncountable offset pre-printed carton variations can be minimized. Also flat labels can be serialized in the same central way with the new innovative DIGILINE Label Offline that was also presented to the public.

The “digital approach” can even be extended to blister lid foil. The DIGILINE Blister prints any required information on blister lid foil in a fully digital way – be it from roll to roll or even integrated into a blister packaging machine. “Batches can now be changed without having to stop the packaging lines for more than one minute and without any mechanical intervention in the printing system. This results in a significant gain of OEE and profitability in the packaging line.” explains sales manager Andrea Paviotti with enthusiasm. “Another tremendous cost advantage is the fact that with DIGILINE Blister there is no more need to store and frequently rebuy expensive flexo-printing material.” In addition, it is now even possible with solutions from Atlantic Zeiser to print on sealed blisters in the warehouse at the very last stage of the process.

The basis for every efficient serialization process is secure and reliable handling and storage of data. With the modular software solution MEDTRACKER pharmaceutical manufacturers and their partners in the supply chain now have a powerful tool in their hand to manage codes, regulations and workflows in the most flexible way. All machines from Atlantic Zeiser are compatible with this database solution and even third party equipment can be interfaced with MEDTRACKER on demand.

Another important aspect of Atlantic Zeiser’s “One-Stop Solution Concept” presented at the Open House in Italy was state-of-the-art serialization hardware such as the new generation of the track & trace product family MEDILINE T&T with tamper-evident feature and optional checkweigher. Another interesting product solution is the ergonomically designed manual aggregation station MEDILINE CodeCollectM that is equipped with a high-resolution camera and allows to pack and aggregate cases in a more efficient and process-safe way compared to simply hand scanners.

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