Do you know where your pharmaceutical products are?

Serialization and Track & Trace – Do you know where your pharmaceutical products are? Pharmaceutical Symposium, Packaging Innovations 2015, Birmingham

Michael Urso, Product Manager at Atlantic Zeiser, discussed during the Packaging Innovations exhibition in Birmingham the importance of serialization during his keynote Pharmaceutical Symposium presentation. “Serialization is going to be the biggest challenge facing the pharmaceutical industry over the next few years”.

International studies show that above all smaller and medium sized pharma companies and CMOs have not yet started implementing the necessary processes and technologies. The concerns range from the compatibility with existing machinery to the implementation of ERP-systems to the maintenance of production output.

Different coding philosophies, specific requirements for aggregation and data handling in different areas of the world, need to be considered and make it difficult to determine the right course of action. The first questions which needs to be asked is “When and where should serialization take place?”.

Along with the appropriate equipment for encoding, verification and aggregation, the integration of software systems that interplay with machinery and existing IT-infrastructure is one of the most important and crucial aspects for the successful implementation of serialization.

“Those who have not at least made a start are really missing the boat. They need to start now. Time is money in the pharmaceutical industry and serialization is not only a challenge but also an opportunity to improve existing processes and to the key to save cost in the long term,” Michael Urso closed.

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