Individual design in color and secure serialization

The complete color late stage customization of pharmaceutical carton boxes helps to minimize costs.

The two greatest challenges in the field of pharmaceutical packaging at present – serialization and late stage customization in color – can now presumably be realized for the first time worldwide with a single system solution: The new DIGILINE Versa from Atlantic Zeiser is able to fulfill a worldwide growing demand. A vast range of different national coding and serialization regulations, as well as significantly falling lot sizes are a major challenge. With DIGILINE Versa, it is now possible for the first time, to print flat or even already-bonded carton boxes with all of the necessary graphics and information, including serialization, just-in-time and in color. In this way, the costs for logistics and warehousing can be minimized, particularly as lot sizes become constantly smaller. This results in significant saving potential, particularlywith expensive products that are only marketed in small quantities. For this purpose, the DIGILINE Versa is equipped with superior inkjet technology, for pin sharp print results with a resolution of 600 dpi at a speed of 50 meters per minute.

The ink that is used is resistant to water, alcohols and other solvents. With the printing width of 108 millimeters, a diverse range of box formats can be processed, of up to 300 millimeters in width. Furthermore, the DIGILINE Versa is also equipped with the powerful Unique Code Software, with which all existing and future serialization regulations can be realized without duplications and with process safety. The integrated camera system, which verifies the print quality and also variable data, hands over the verification results to the machine control unit, which exclusively allows good products to end up on the delivery.

Highly flexible and efficient form of production planning

The Unique Code Software contained in the package allows production orders to be distributed across several machines, interrupted, if necessary, and redistributed in a safe manner. This way, a highly flexible and efficient form of production planning is achieved. The overview of the machines and orders is always maintained with the integrated order management functions – even if several machines are used in parallel or at different locations. The Unique Code Software ensures that no duplicated serial numbers are allocated or printed after planned or even hazardous interruptions in production. At the same time, all coded serial numbers are permanently and securely stored in the database for further processing. This way, service providers of pharmaceutical companies are able to fulfill extremely high requirements for product quality and reporting of the production data.

Don’t miss your chance to see DIGILINE Versa live at FachPack, Hall 3, Stand 415.

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