The Challenges of Serialization and Track & Trace Applications on Company Level

2nd Anti-Counterfeiting Pharma 2016 Conference

Amongst many another stakeholders in the global fight against counterfeit medicines, Atlantic Zeiser presented solutions for one of the key and legislative requirements outlined in the recently published delegated act (EU) 2016/161 to address this serious issue.

Michael Urso, Product Manager for Pharma & Packaging Solutions, discussed the challenges with serialization and track and trace processes during the 2nd Anti-Counterfeiting Pharma 2016 Conference, Stand Palace Hotel in London.

Although there are other vendors willing to support these solutions, the industry should look to technology companies such as Atlantic Zeiser for expert understanding of the serialization and track and trace complexities, which involve solid product handling machinery in-line, near-line and off-line, coupled with the secure management software applications of unique serialization coding data, in multiple-formats, plus data storage.

It seems clear that one solution will for sure not satisfy all of the complex industry and stakeholder needs, however working in logical steps with competent solutions will assist in this battle, and that’s where Atlantic Zeiser’s MEDTRACKER modular serialization software solution steps in. With our complementing vast array of hardware application devices and complete process machinery, we can enable true multi-level control of serialized and aggregated coding.

It was repeatedly stressed that time is of great importance, and those who have not yet embarked on the journey, should immediately seek expert support from solution providers to ensure both legislation requirements and supply change continuity are met.

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