Track & Trace: Serialization in small batches and different packaging formats

“What can be done when small batch sizes and changing formats must be serialized?”
In the course of serialization this question has often been raised – and we have the solution:

The new MEDILINE T&T Single Item is the right system for coding small batch sizes and allows for especially economic serialization.

The system can be positioned very flexibly, and requires a footprint of less than one square meter on a table. Very importantly: it can be applied to a vast variety of packaging sizes. This table coding system can also be used as a supplement for automated packaging lines to serialize large packages. Large volume packages are usually serialized in small quantities and often can’t be processed automatically due to their size.

Another highlight is the simple operation. Different packaging sizes can be handled with a minimum of modifications.

Further information on the MEDILINE T&T SI can be found here.

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Jens Loewe
Jens Loewe
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