Label encoding, serialization and inspection

DIGILINE Web 300 is a modular label rewinder that maintains the sequence of label stock as commanded – even if there are labels that need to be cut out.

The machine is made for making sure that the output matches 100% the commanded sequence. It maintains commanded sequence of serial numbers even if cameras report bad label that need to become cut out. Its splice feature makes sure that labels that are reported as bad by the camera system are cut out at the right position – without user interaction. The output rolls are free of blank label, missing label and it is made sure that there are no double numbers. It can be equipped with different inkjet and camera systems. The machine features highest possible printing quality based on a smooth transport and high quality printers.

DIGILINE Web 300 – Modules
Unwinder module
Up to 5 device modules that can hold working devices
Different inkjet printer and dryers
Camera inspection
Semi-automatic splice
Rewinder module


Ute Heiler

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