Stand-alone table top serialization solution for passports

The MPM is a modular and flexible serialization solution for impact numbering, laser perforation and chip programming of small volumes or for re-production. The system contains the same technologies like the automatic PM50 system.

The different technologies are mounted on an ergonomic working place and controlled in real-time by the Atlantic Zeiser BLS controller platform.

Only feeding is manual process by the operator. The numbering, perforation or chip programming is done automatically by the system.

MPM – Modules
UID Reader The UID reader is a device that can interact with chips according to ISO 14443 types A and B. It can process perso scripts which are to be supplied by the customer.
Impact Numbering The numbering unit applies an impact number with a direct drive numbering box to the booklet.
Laser Perforation A C02 laser system perforate the passport number into the passport booklet with round holes.


Ute Heiler

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