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PassPort 4

Serialization system for ePassports

Kugler-Womako PassPort 4 combines all the required serialization technologies in a single system.

System functions are configurable to suit each specific customer requirement, and the Atlantic Zeiser controller platform coordinates the various functions in real-time during the serialization process. Thanks to its modular equipment design, the system can be upgraded and expanded at any time.

Automated procedures and inline product tracking guarantee smooth and trouble free production runs. Control mechanisms such as the camera monitoring facility, can be installed flexibly in the production line, thus ensuring that quality standards are reliably met.

PassPort 4 – Modules
Input Feeder with double feed detector, gold blocking sensor and bending.
UID Reader The UID reader is a device that can interact with chips according to ISO 14443 types A and B. The UID reader can provide a processing time of 0.6 second at full machine speed. It can process perso scripts which are to be supplied by the customer.
Inkjet Module The Inkjet system is based on the latest DoD (drop-on-demand) printing technology and is printing with UV curable ink. The inkjet system prints variable information like numbers or barcodes into the passport booklet with a high resolution of 360 dpi.
Camera To verify the optical data (number or barcode and perforation). The camera delivers a reading result to the Atlantic Zeiser controller which in return decides about the actions depending on the reading result. The reading results will be displayed on a live screen close to the camera. It shows the reading results as well as the expected data. This helps the operator for the setup of the camera as well as for the human control process.
Impact Numbering The numbering unit applies an impact number with a direct drive numbering box to the booklet.
Laser Perforation A C02 laser system perforate the passport number into the passport booklet with round or geometrical formed holes.
Chip Programming A scalable chip programming unit with up to 26 chip reader and chip programming time of up to 30 seconds at full machine speed.
Reject Gate Passport booklets which are detected as defect products are rejected to a separate gate.
Delivery To deliver successfully produced booklets on a conveyor. The delivery has a capacity for about 300 booklets (depends on thickness of the booklets).




Ute Heiler

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