Online track & trace in the banknote printing works

SCOTT is an abbreviation for:

  • Sheet
  • Controlling
  • Tracking and
  • Tracing

It is a database system which monitors the bank note printing processes in order to  track & trace the product flow of sheets. The main purpose of SCOTT is to assure the reliability of the overall production process. Often it is not known at which production step and in which quantities rejects occur, and what the new target quantity of succeeding production steps is. At least a reliable counter mechanism must be applied for generating this missing information, which most efficiently works if a machine readable, unique code will be printed on each sheet. This enables electronic counting and tracking of each sheet, which leads to the ability of a reliable detection and  back-tracking for all “bad sheets”. According database applications are used which register every product sheet which provides the basis for electronic tracking.

The SCOTT control console provides at any time an overview of the current production status.

Data and system security are fulfilled on a high level by SCOTT, also including user identification and provision of reliable time stamps for each registered action of the overall workflow.

ERP interfacing and comprehensive production Reports are further requirements which are satisfied by the SCOTT system.

Ute Heiler

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