Financial Cards

Financial cards are used by card holders to make various financial transactions. These plastic cards can have credit, debit, ATM or prepaid functionality.

The financial card market has experienced dynamic growth and is projected to continue expanding in the coming years. The drivers are the migration from pure magnetic stripe cards to EMV smart cards and the adoption of contactless technology. The need to reduce fraud has significantly boosted the total share of smart cards in the market (contact and contactless).

Personalization is a key element in financial cards. Atlantic Zeiser offers personalization and mailing systems for the cost-effective production of EMV Credit, Debit and PrePaid Banking Cards. Our high-resolution drop-on-demand inkjet printing technology is a proven alternative to existing legacy printing technologies. Issuers and personalization bureaus benefit from far more durable and long-lasting personalized cards at more than 50 times lower costs. Drop-on-demand printing has been approved by all major payment schemes for their credit, debit and prepaid products.

For the fulfillment step, Atlantic Zeiser offers a highly efficient card mailing and envelope inserting solution.

The product range further includes a personalization management platform that automatically receives data from the issuing entity. It also prepares additional data, including cryptographic keys required for electrical personalization of the smart chip and manages the overall workflow, including all personalization and mailing equipment and the required materials and stocks.