Prepaid Scratch Cards and Multi Vouchers

Atlantic Zeiser has been a technology pioneer in the telecom card sector, taking this market to a new level by introducing a high-speed personalization system for scratch cards.

Our market-leading expertise has earned us a top-level position in the field of telecom prepaid cards. Companies around the world have standardized on our high-speed CARDLINE and CARDLINE VERSA Flexo prepaid card personalization solutions. Shouldn’t you gain the competitive edge too?

Unlike normal prepaid scratch cards, prepaid multi-vouchers are carriers and contain more than one PIN for use in loading prepaid mobile phone accounts. All areas containing a PIN number are perforated, enabling just a single PIN number to be detached. Common formats range from CR80-sized cards containing at least 5 PINs (e.g. a card shared by a family), or bigger sheets used by re-sellers who sell PIN by PIN.

This market is driven by the expansion of mobile networks in developing countries where subscribers cannot afford high recharge amounts. As a result, the average value per PIN has dramatically decreased, leading to a downward cost spiral throughout the entire value chain. This trend has prompted the need for cost reduction throughout the entire manufacturing process – which Atlantic Zeiser systems can provide.