Market-leading personalization solution for prepaid scratch, multi-voucher and instant lottery applications

CARDLINE VERSA Flexo perfectly combines cost efficiency with a high degree of format flexibility, high levels of security, and a scalable growth path for secure investment. It includes a Secure PIN Module allowing flexo-based PIN coverage at the lowest costs per PIN.

Prepaid telecom scratch cards and low-denomination multi-voucher tickets are highly popular in developing countries. Because PIN denominations are generally very low in these regions, telecom operators need card manufacturers to deliver at extremely low costs per PIN, while still requiring highly secure products. Hot foil-based solutions are too expensive, whereas the lack of security with label-based solutions is also an issue.

CARDLINE VERSA Flexo leverages our expertise in prepaid scratch card personalization to enable manufacturers to respond to evolving market needs in scratch cards, multi-voucher tickets and lottery ticket personalization. CARDLINE VERSA Flexo allows speeds of up to 27,000 products per hour for CR80 cards and can handle formats up to A4 size. PIN numbers are printed using reliable Atlantic Zeiser OMEGA DoD printers. The two most important market requirements—low cost per PIN and high security—are achieved by applying flexo technology for PIN coverage. A real-time software control platform and camera verification systems ensure full data integrity.

CARDLINE VERSA Flexo – Modules
Infeed The high-performance friction feeder unit for variable formats is equipped with a vertical card holder. For larger volumes, an optional horizontal product loader can be added. The feeder system is synchronized to the speed of the main transport system. Optional pre-read camera/scanning devices are available.
Inkjet Imaging OMEGA series DoD inkjet printers are used to print all PIN codes as well as additional barcodes. Atlantic Zeiser DoD printing technology precisely limits ink coverage to avoid any raised relief of the PIN codes on the scratch-off field. At the same time, barcodes, serial numbers and graphics are printed in deep black with a high level of contrast. Printers are available in various print widths enabling customers to handle products from CR80 up to A4 size.
Print Verification Enables inline OCR camera verification of personalization data elements, such as PIN codes, barcodes and serial numbers.
Secure PIN Coverage The Secure PIN Module is based on flexo technology for PIN coverage printing. First, a clear coat is applied covering the PIN to prevent over-scratching. Then, to ensure opacity a scratchable black blocking layer is applied. As a third step, a decorative silver scratch-off layer is added. Lastly, an irritation pattern is printed for enhanced security.
Scratch Panel Verification A high-speed camera checks and verifies the position and integrity of scratch-off security panels.
Delivery System design allows a choice of two delivery options:

  • Shingle Delivery Unit includes waste gate and shingle delivery
  • Dual-Shingle Delivery Unit includes waste gate, shingle delivery for remade products, and shingle delivery for good products

Ute Heiler

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