From rainbow decks to re-issuance peaks – now with DoD technology and mailing module

Covering rainbow decks with small batches as well as re-issuance peaks with several million cards, PERSOMASTER-X sets new benchmarks regarding the versatile, high-quality, and economic personalization of EMV Credit and Debit Cards. Despite high speeds of up to 2,100 cards per hour, it requires only one DoD inkjet printing module in order to print two-sided cards. This is achieved by using a new, innovative design, resulting in reduced capital expenditure and faster amortization. Thanks to its rainbow deck capability, PERSOMASTER-X can also process many small, completely different orders in one production batch – seamlessly and without any interruptions, even in cases of batch sizes of one. PERSOMASTER-X therefore makes it possible to use the advantages of the brilliant, highly abrasion-resistant DoD printing technology for an even wider range of print runs.

While the cards are being personalized, an optional PERSOMASTER-X mailing module can prepare everything for sending. It prints personalized business letters, applies up to four cards, folds the mail piece, adds enclosures, and inserts the package into envelopes ready for sending – all of these processes take place inline.

DoD printing is the proven replacement for existing legacy technologies such as thermal or embossing/topping. This can curb consumables expenditure when personalizing banking cards by up to 98 percent. Since 2009, this technology has already been endorsed for all specified card products by large payment schemes such as VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

PERSOMASTER-X can process numerous different personalization data formats and can therefore be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. The state-of-the-art machine and software design allows for quick changeovers. Therefore, PERSOMASTER-X is the perfect solution for personalization bureaus of any size.

Ute Heiler

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