Late stage customization for consumer goods packaging

Implementing Late Stage Customization in packaging processes – economically, reliably, safely and visually convincingly

Innovative personalization solutions – and that is all that late stage customization is – has been a central challenge in the printing of credit cards. Financial service companies discovered and appreciated the disruptive nature of drop-on-demand inkjet (DoD) some time ago. By partnering with global credit card companies Atlantic Zeiser has established a market leading position over the past 15 years perfecting this technology.

At Atlantic Zeiser we believe that nurturing five key competences under one roof makes it unique. Specifically:

  • Mastery of the DoD inkjet printing process including curing and pretreatment processes
  • The capability to develop and adapt inks for specific materials, surfaces and applications; the result of the close cooperation with our sister company Tritron: the visual appearance of many brands can be rendered through digital print in a quality that is increasingly up to the standards of offset printing
  • Prepress workflow technologies that support full “rainbow deck” capability allowing personalization of each individual product
  • Inspections systems that uses the “rainbow deck” data stream to allow inline inspection without any additional set up
  • A data management environment that supports “security printing” levels of data protection, traceability and security

Atlantic Zeiser is adapting this extensive experience to individualizing secondary packaging – where possible, as part of inline packaging processes. Such an approach can reduce upstream supply chain complexity, reduce waste, reduce change overtimes and increase speed to market.

What does the future look like? Analog printing methods will increasingly be replaced by digital imaging and variable data printing during the production process. Late stage customization for consumer goods is not a dream of the future. The possibilities for this have long been available with DoD technology – and have been tried and tested for years, in an industry in which batch size 1 is already reality.

Our challenge is to bring their experience from the card services business to the consumer goods sector.

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Ute Heiler