Single Box Encoding

The individual encoding of flat carton boxes from the top and bottom side requires for more than just a transport machine equipped with printers and cameras. The software which is necessary to combine the different devices to a stable unit as well as the infrastructure which is needed to provide feedback and data flow play a vital role when it comes to select the right business partner which is able to offer both experience and a “one-stop-shop” solution. The goal should be to take complexity away from the operators and facilitate the workflows in production.

The equipment installed at many carton box manufacturing sites for gray market coding it mostly based on continuous inkjet technology. Packaging designers from the cosmetic industry now demand higher print quality and codes with more information which require less space. The introduction of DoD inkjet technology in 2012 started to change the market as this approach allows increased print quality and the possibility to print two dimensional codes such as Data Matrix and QR codes at full machine speed. This fuels the market and results in tremendous benefits for the brand owner especially in combination with the recent smartphone technology.

Combined with today’s smartphone technology there are plenty of advantages e.g.:

  • Gray market monitoring
  • Consumer marketing
  • Product information
  • Authentication for brand owner and consumer
  • Cost saving for inspectors and test purchases
  • Dedicated text on individual products
  • Lottery games for consumers
  • Emotive experience for consumer
  • Security feature

The most striking feature: The equipment is available and already in use.

Ute Heiler

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