Consumer Relationship Management

Make use of synergy effects by combining direct consumer marketing and gray market monitoring perhaps with authentication and late stage customization.

  • Do you want to get in contact with the purchaser/users of your products and receive responses?
  • Do you want to supply additional information, emotive experience and make them talking about your brand and products?
  • Do you want to use social media and smartphones as channel to reach new customers?
  • Are you seeking for a reliable partner with the ability that allows a holistic approach to meet your needs as a brand owner?

The encoding equipment installed at the cardboard box manufacturers allows encoding of QR codes that opens the door to multiple new features. The infrastructure to fulfill these needs are supplied by Atlantic Zeiser. Contact us for your tailored solution.

Utilization of the infrastructure used for direct consumer marketing and gray market monitoring enables cost savings that are additionally fueled by the possibility to rent the software service (SAAS) at Atlantic Zeiser.

Ute Heiler