Coding, Serialization and Tracking of Pharmaceutical Products

The implementation of serialization is today one of the biggest challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. The list of requirements is long and can range from coding of single items to the central management of multiple packaging lines or sites.

In addition to the necessary printing and camera technology to allow efficient and reliable coding and verification of secondary packages including aggregation, the integration of appropriate software and database applications over all ISA95 levels is the key to ensure a successfull and sustainable track & trace strategy.

Atlantic Zeiser has the necessary experience, know-how and product portfolio to offer tailored one-stop solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, their suppliers or service partners – from late stage printing and serialization of pre-printed cartons over the inline coding of primary packages to Manual and automatic Aggregation processes. Furthermore Atlantic Zeiser provides with MEDTRACKER a modular and scalable software solution that allows to manage and control the entire process of serialization and track & tracing in a safe and audit-proof way.

Ute Heiler

Primary Packaging Printing

Digital, cost-efficient printing and encoding of primary packages like blister lid foils or labels.

Serialization of Secondary Packaging

Process-safe coding of flat cardboards or filled folding boxes with highest coding quality.

Track & Trace Processes

Equipment and software for the generation of aggregation hierarchies in automatic packaging lines or manual processes.

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