Administration of Production Data for Packaging Manufacturers

Contract box manufacturing is a competitive business in which challenges have increased since pharmaceutical serialization of cardboard boxes has become an issue. Handling of many individual codes for several customers and assigning them to one or more production lines can become fairly complex. The permanent danger to produce double serial numbers may lead to complaints from customers’ sides, return shipments and eventually to the loss of contracts and revenue.

Imagine the following case

  • China coding for 10 customers i.e. 10 number files with possibly 10 different data file formats
  • Each customer contracts 10 different products out to you
  • You have 2 production lines available for production

Each customer wants to receive a feedback about the production results to its MES in the file format in which the codes were delivered.

Are there any constraints that force you to shift a production batch from one line to another or produce it simultaneously on both lines for shorter delivery time?

Can you imagine to handle a similar scenario in parallel for European PPN codes and other codes that additionally include EXP and LOT and maybe one or two other production principles?

Do you have enough labour to handle this challenge manually with the required process security avoiding the assignment of double codes to physical boxes?

What would be the effort to make your system audit proof?

Atlantic Zeiser offers tailored solutions for these requirements like MEDTRACKER or the Unique Code Software (U.C.S). The key for success is that the solution satisfies your current needs and can become seamlessly expanded to match future challenges!

Ute Heiler

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