Pharmaceutical Serialization

To protect patients against counterfeiters more and more countries make the serialization of pharmaceutical products mandatory. In some cases also the aggregation of packaging hierarchies is required. A good example is the Chinese EDMC which can be preprinted by the cardboard box manufacturer as expiry date and lot information are not part of the code. Another possibility is the serialization of packed and closed items in the packaging line by means of compact modules.

Atlantic Zeiser offers state-of-the-art printing systems and software as one-stop solution for a reliable serialization, be it for cardboard box manufacturers or in the packaging line of a pharmaceutical company or a contract manufacturing organization.

The basis for a solution is always a combination of robust transporting systems with reliable and cost-efficient DoD inkjet printing technology and integrated camera verification that form an integrated system solution.

The serialization software MEDTRACKER which is superposed over the machine control allows to quickly assign and relocate production jobs from one line to another or to simultaneously produce over multiple lines without the danger of repeating serial numbers.

Thanks to the combination of software and machinery Atlantic Zeiser offers a future and audit proof solution for serialization which guarantees full process safety. Functions of modules or lines as well as Coding principles can be adapted without the need of expensive programing or revalidation.

Ute Heiler

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