Track & Trace Processes

The aggregation of pharmaceutical products for tracking purposes is already compulsory in some countries and expected for others too. Logistical reasons can also require aggregation even without explicit regulation e.g. in order to register the codes that are released into the market at the warehouse.

For the aggregation of single items to bundles, cases or pallets camera systems and label printers need to be integrated into existing case packers. A connection to a central software allows that the aggregated hierarchies can be recorded, saved and administrated efficiently. For a stable process the data are collected in real time at the module and transferred to a line or site server. For smaller batches the procedure may also be carried out by means of a so-called manual aggregation table with code scan camera that is able to transfer the data to a server.

In addition to the secure assignment of serial numbers the software solution MEDTRACKER from Atlantic Zeiser is at the same time also able to collect and administrate aggregation hierarchies (parent-child relationships) simultaneously from multiple lines or sites. Thanks to the modular software architecture MEDTRACKER allows to individually configure and adapt the functionality of each involved module.

This flexibility is especially important as the coding principles of some countries have not yet been clearly defined or might change in the future. In any case it is of advantage to be able implement changes quickly.

Ute Heiler

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