Digital Blister Lid Foil Printing

With the aim to keep storage costs for pre-printed blister lid foils low formerly so-called flexo printing modules were installed to blister packaging machines. To enhance productivity and flexiblity and to reduce operating costs Atlantic Zeiser now offers with DIGILINE Blister a full digital blister foil printing technology. Print mats and related handling costs are now a thing of the past.

There are several aspects in focus when running blister packaging machines:

  • Reduction of foil in stock
  • Reduction of job conversion time
  • Elimination of cost for flexo mat handling
  • Elimination of handling time for the storage of flexo mats
  • Elimination of floor space required for flexo mats
  • Elimination of cost for UV-dryer bulbs and associated maintenance

DIGILINE Blister from Atlantic Zeiser makes it possible to fulfill all these aspects while reducing operating costs. Thanks to its full digital printing technology, job changes can be realized in few seconds simply by loading a new image. This is especially ideal for smaller production runs which will become more and more important in the future.

In the course of serialization of pharmaceutical products a future proof digital printing system for blister lid foid also offers the possibility, to serialize primary packages on demand.

Ute Heiler

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