Printing, Coding and Serialization of Pharmaceutical Labels

The base for a stable production process is a reliable coding and application of labels on primary packaging such as vials, ampoules or prefilled syringes. Also for HDPE-bottles as secondary packaging in the pharmaceutical industry labels play an important role.

In many cases thermal transfer technology is used for this purpose. This technology has however several limitations when it comes to stable, reproductive print quality at higher production speeds. At the same time labels printed with this technology are not fully resistant against abrasion and disinfectants. This may lead to expensive interruptions in the packaging process or to complaints from clinical customers.

By using Drop-on-Demand UV-inkjet technology from Atlantic Zeiser instead labels can be printed with high resistance against mechanical and chemical impacts. This aspect has significant influence on the productivity and the cost efficiency-of the entire packaging process.

When printing labels a multitude of factors has influence on the efficiency of the process:

  • Consistent and reliable printing quality to minimize waste
  • Uninterrupted production with high throughput
  • High Durability and resistance of the print to wear and solvents
  • Low operating costs of the printing system
  • Easy integration into the existing production environment
  • Ease of use

With the DIGILINE Label product family Atlantic Zeiser offers a modern cost-efficient solution to allow job variable coding or individual serialization of labels for vials, HDPE-bottles or pre-filled syringes. Atlantic Zeiser offers to possibilities: The central pre-production of labels from roll to roll (Offline) or the direct supply of labelling machines in the packaging line (Nearline).

For Offline printing and serialization the most important aspects are the cost-efficient production of a defined amount of labels ant the possibility to quickly change over jobs in order to centrally supply several packaging lines or pharma customers just-in time. At the same time a consistent serialization result without the danger of repeating serial numbers is essential. For this purpose Atlantic Zeiser designed the DIGILINE Label – Offline.

Regarding the DIGILINE Label – Nearline above all an interruption free operation with consistent printing quality are among others the basis to ensure the cost-efficiency of an entire packaging line. DIGILINE Label – Nearline offers everything that can be expected from a modern Nearline label printing system – especially features which are usually not attainable with common thermo transfer printers. The system allows production speeds of up to 60 m per minute and printed labels are resistant against abrasion. DIGILINE Label – Nearline automatically adapts to changing feeding modes and speeds from the downstream labeling machine thanks to an elaborate label buffer. At the same time costs for consumables are significantly lower in comparison to thermal transfer printers and the need for maintenance can be reduced to a minimum as DoD UV-inkjet technology does not contain any mechanically stressed components.

Lisa Romahn

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