Maximum Quality and Flexibility

Atlantic Zeiser and Dentsply deTrey: maximum quality and flexibility with 100% security

The mission

  • Product safety for pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging
  • Special product protection in the field of dental medicine
  • Ensure daily product output of hundreds of thousands: each and every product must be labeled clearly and correctly
  • Eliminate the possibility of forged labels

The key to success

  • Atlantic Zeiser partners with Dentsply deTrey to develop the optimal personalization and encoding solution
  • Dentsply deTrey gains a major competitive edge as the first user to invest in Atlantic Zeiser‘s innovative new inkjet technology
  • Labeling and marking is done in-house and ensures product safety
  • New capabilities save time and cut costs in the production workflow
  • Printing system meets prerequisite to process threedimensional packaging materials
  • Direct printing with UV inkjet technology ensures product safety

Advantages of the Atlantic Zeiser solution

  • OMEGA 36 inkjet printing system with 360 dpi resolution delivers high-contrast rendering of small fonts and bar codes
  • Efficiently handles diverse media: paper, carton, aluminum, polymer films and plastic
  • Legible, durable printing with specially engineered UV inks
  • High-quality, variable data printing with flexographic quality
  • Environmentally friendly SMARTCURE UV LED curing system produces no ozone emissions
  • DIGILINE modular transport system offers unlimited access options

Customer solution at a glance:
Systems from Atlantic Zeiser

  • OMEGA 36 UV inkjet printing system
  • DIGILINE transport system

US-based Dentsply is the largest professional dental products company in the world. At Dentsply deTrey, the company‘s site near Lake Constance in Radolfzell, Germany, 50 employees are responsible for order selection, marking, printing and shipping over 110 000 different products. The team ships some 7.5 million units a year. All of these products – be they small or large, packaged in film, aluminum, blister packs or cardboard – had to be printed by one system to deliver permanent and temperature-independent results.

Ernst E. Walbrodt, Lakeside Distribution Center (LDC) Manager at Dentsply deTrey GmbH, comments: ”We print our products and packaging ourselves in a direct process, so we have many more options for protecting them under trade mark law. Instead of being dependent on external vendors as we had been in the past, we needed a solution that could do it all, one that would give us independence, speed and flexibility.” Given the broad range of packaging at Dentsply, it was obvious that only an UV curing ink could handle the diversity of materials. Moreover, the system had to be fast, because in most cases the products need to be delivered within one day to dentists, laboratories or dental institutes. ”Our greatest priority is to make sure no errors occur,“ emphasizes Mr. Walbrodt. „It is very important to us to provide beyond than the standard 100 percent when it comes to quality control.” Dentsply already had a positive established relationship with Atlantic Zeiser and the two companies spent three months in intense collaboration to develop the optimal solution. The end result was a system comprised of a transport unit, inkjet printing system, UV LED curing and control unit. It was put to the test in summer 2007.

Automation with options for intervention

Dentsply deTrey became the first customer to install Atlantic Zeiser‘s OMEGA 36 UV inkjet printing system, designed for a high degree of automated operation and maximum intervention. The printing and transport units can be easily reset via a database of more than 800 different marking layouts. Based on a job log, the settings are compared and corrected if necessary during direct visual inspection. The layout and positioning of individual texts, marks, bar codes, etc. are generated using  Atlantic Zeiser‘s Label Designer software. A double RAID system ensures the required level of data security. ”Prior to using the OMEGA 36 inkjet printing system, the marking and labeling of our products was done by external  service providers, and it was time-consuming and expensive,“ states Mr. Walbrodt. „In addition, we were not capable of economically producing short runs.“ Today, the Atlantic Zeiser solutions have enabled Dentsply deTrey  to independently produce at a higher volume, with little effort and cost. Shorter throughput times, proprietary advantages and significantly higher product protection are key benefits. The resilient UV print resists removal or destructive tampering.

The new system from Atlantic Zeiser was precisely tailored to the needs of the customer, and Dentsply deTrey was directly involved in the design and development process, so the system was up and  running at full capacity immediately after delivery. Within the first six months of operation, Dentsply printed 140 000 packaging units, with just four rejects that were due not to the system, but rather to human error. Built for  erformance, the system typically runs twelve hours without interruption. Downtime is minimal – the time required to convert the system from job to job amounts to about five minutes for an entirely new set up. Changing  text layouts takes just two or three minutes.  ”Thanks to Atlantic Zeiser, our labeling and packaging have now formed a perfect union,” concludes Ernst E. Walbrodt.

Ute Heiler

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