Fully digital blister lid foil printing for short and medium-sized production runs

DIGILINE Blister is a DoD-inkjet based printing system that can be used for printing of entire layouts as well as for inserting variable data into preprinted foils. Thanks to the fully digital printing technology jobs can be set up in no time at all without any mechanical effort.

DIGILINE Blister is the most cost-efficient solution for smaller and medium-sized productions as costs for sourcing and handling flexo print mats will become obsolete. In addition DIGILINE Blister is equipped with modern LED UV-A drying technology instead of the commonly used and energy consuming UV-C dryers with relatively short life cycles.

The setup of the webbing is easy and fast to while a gentle, wrinkle free foil transport is ensured anytime without the need of frequent adjustments. The unit can be operated from the central touchscreen or remotely from the HMI of a blister packaging machine.

In addition, print-parameters like amount of ink per droplet can be adapted to the surface properties of the blister lid foil – this optimizes the durability of the print, minimizes consumables and renders DIGILINE Blister one of the most economical solutions for increasingly smaller batches in the pharmaceutical industry.

DIGILINE Blister is available in 3 different configurations:
DIGILINE Blister – Inline (can be integrated directly into a blister packaging machine)
DIGILINE Blister – Nearline (feeds printed lid foil directly to a blister packaging machine)
DIGILINE Blister – Offline (with rewinder – the perfect solution to provide foil to several lines at once, and ideal for fast integration into existing processes)

Lisa Romahn

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