DIGILINE Label – Nearline

The key to steady economic coding of labels in the packaging line

DIGILINE Label – Nearline is the economic solution to print and code labels for primary packs like vials, HDPE-bottles, ampoules or filled syringes in order to reliably feed them directly into a packaging line without interruptions. DIGILINE Label – Nearline offers everything that can be expected from a modern label printing system – especially features which are usually not attainable with common thermal-transfer technology.

The contact-free OMEGA Drop-on-Demand UV-inkjet technology used for DIGILINE Label – Nearline assures consistent high printing quality, readability and minimum waste on different label materials such as paper, PP, PET and PVC. The labels printed with UV-curing inks are characterized by outstanding resistance against wear caused from vibrations in the packaging line, the covering box or when being exposed to light or alcohol based solvents. Thereby DIGILINE Label – Nearline attains production speeds of up to 900 labels per minute*. With an integrated label buffer the system automatically adapts to intermittent and changing feeding-intervals from downstream labeling machines. Compared to common thermal-transfer printers the costs for maintenance and operation are significantly lower as no ink ribbons or print bars are required. The system offers an integrated control software to ensure process safety for the complete production and optionally a second printer can be equipped to void faulty labels.

DIGILINE Label Nearline – Modules
Transport of labels from 20 – 70 mm width with integrated label-buffer
OMEGA DoD Printer with energy saving UV-A LED curing; optionally available with automatic print head cleaning station.
2 unwinders with splice table for almost uninterrupted production runs
Integrated process control software and optional second printer to void faulty labels

*at a label length of 55 mm.

Lisa Romahn

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