DIGILINE Single Pharma

Full integrated system solution for serialization of flat cartons in medium and large volumes

DIGILINE Single Pharma is a fully integrated, modular system solution for coding and serialization of flat and glued cartons in medium and high volumes. The system combines several state-of-the-art technologies to provide an efficient und safe process. All current and future coding principles for serialization are covered including QR-codes for veterinary products in China. DIGILINE Single Pharma is especially designed for pharmaceutical applications.

The versatile transporting mechanism of DIGILINE Single Pharma allows the use and retrofit of a multitude of modules like OMEGA DoD UV-inkjet printers in different widths, labelers or inspection cameras. An optional module allows even printing from both sides.

Coded products that have not been approved by the inspection camera are rejected reliably through the waste gate. The integrated Unique Code Software database application records all successfully printed codes in a database for further use. At the same time the software assures that serial numbers are never printed twice even when encountering operator mistakes or hardware defects.

Thanks to the Unique Code Software jobs can also be split over several machines. Running jobs can be easily reassigned from one system to another with 100% security that serial numbers are not repeated.

DIGILINE Single Pharma– Modules
OMEGA DoD UV-inkjet Printer in different widths
Integrated Unique Code Software with database
Verification and intermix cameras
Waste gate for reliable ejection
Labeler (e.g. for Italian bollini)
Transport module to print on both sides


Ute Heiler

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