DIGILINE Versa Inline Pro

Inline late-stage customization of flat cartons or erected boxes.

DIGILINE Versa Inline Pro is a modular system for inline late-stage customization and/or serialization of flat cartons or erected boxes in one single pass – monochrome or in color.

DIGILINE Versa Inline Pro can be integrated into existing production lines for single products (flat cartons or erected boxes). The modular system combines multitude up-to-date technologies for an efficient and process safe solution.

The late-stage customization functions enables the production of many different specific styles starting from almost blank carton, thus considerably reducing the number of carton variants to be managed with respect to procurement, storage space and stock keeping. Emerging demand for special or only in small quantities required styles, design changes and test batches are manufactured with shortest process time, close to demand and just in time.

The basic version of DIGILINE Versa Inline Pro consists of a vacuum transport frame, electronic shaft for coupling to the customer packaging line and an inkjet printing system.

Optional modular extensions
Alignment path
Workpiece carrier
Verification camera
Production software

Match your supply with demand in real-time. Be more agile without compromising quality and reliability.

Ute Heiler