Manual coding solution for economic serialization of small batches and variable carton formats

MEDILINE Track & Trace Single Item, in short MEDILINE T&T SI, is the manual coding solutions from Atlantic Zeiser, where flexibility and variability are required for the processing of small batches and a variety of different formats. The system is portable and can operate also offline.

The MEDILINE T&T SI is fully equipped with software, a printer, and a camera system for 100% verification and grading indication. This manual solution features the same printing and inspection technology as the “big” automatic MEDILINE T&T systems. The system is very flexible to handle different formats and easy to operate.

The integrated Line Manager ensures audit-proof serialization, while HP cartridge technology provides for excellent print quality. The standard print width of one inch allows for printing of several lines clear text and barcode. All components are controlled via a central graphic user interface and the changeover to new recipes is quick and easy via drag & drop.

MEDILINE T&T SI can even be equipped with barcode reader and label printer to handle manual aggregation up to pallet level.

Lisa Romahn

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