Database system for CRM and gray market applications in cosmetic industry and other markets

BRANDTRACKER is a modular and comprehensive database application dedicated cosmetic CRM and gray market schemes. It combines with a patented method end user marketing and cost effective gray market monitoring while using information generated in the various printer shops during encoding process.

BRANDTRACKER is the solution to achieve:

  • Emotive and informative end user marketing (CRM) via smartphones
  • Dedicated text printed on the individual product for special value to the consumer
  • Cost effective gray market monitoring and T&T
  • Authentication via product individual security features

This solution is based on manufacturing equipment that is already installed and in production at carton manufacturers and Atlantic Zeiser Trust Centre that is in operation since years. The infrastructure uses up to date technology and combines todays lifestyle with brand owners requirements employing cost saving synergy effects. The BRANDTRACKER solution can include dedicated texts entered by the buyer that give the cosmetic product special value.

BRANDTRACKER is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) what saves IT personnel and enhances security and availability.

Get in touch with Atlantic Zeiser to discuss your tailored solution as a brand owner, packaging site or carton box manufacturer.


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