Gray Market Monitoring

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Thank you for considering Atlantic Zeiser technology.

This is a small demo of gray market monitoring via consumers. Can you cover your market with inspectors in such comprehensive way ?
Encourage consumers to read the QR code and hence connect to your product specific web page, by

  • lottery games
  • product information
  • emotive experience

making her or him remembering your brand – and communicate with friends about it via social media !

Atlantic Zeiser can implement whatever imagination you have. It starts from pure factual information and can end at the stage of using augmented reality that evokes intense emotions.
Perhaps your brand wants to sell products with a consumer specific dedication – it is possible. BRANDTRACKER reports enahance your understanding of the target group.
The market leader of encoding equipment at cosmetic cardboard box manufacturers invites you to do the step to a fascinating future – get in touch with Atlantic Zeiser.

Clemens Störk