Industry-proven mid-range laser ID card personalization system

ALPHA One is a compact and modular personalization system for mid-volume ID card production at up to 3,000 cards per hour. It offers contact or contactless electrical personalization with laser-marking capabilities, including MLI images, and is ideal for handling many short runs and long-term production orders as well.

The compact and modular ALPHA One system combines mid-range production speed, proven reliability, and a high degree of application flexibility. Different configuration options make it possible to process virtually any ID application. Thanks to the flexible software architecture, multiple input feeders and output stackers, many consecutive batches of cards can be personalized securely and efficiently at a very low cost per card.

All ALPHA One system modules are separate functional units that can be linked in flexible configurations, allowing easy field upgrades and retrofits to protect your investment. Optical verification units can be integrated to adjust laser-marked images to level out card-punching tolerances and verify the optical personalization process. Combined with different card-feeding modules and an expandable card-sorting module, the ALPHA One is a truly versatile, user-configurable system. And no compressed air is needed for operation.

Thanks to its high level of production integrity, ALPHA One has gained the trust of state printing offices and system houses around the world. The system tracks the movement of each card in a production run and all personalization steps are recorded. Instant reproduction and strict card sequence monitoring ensure that the correct order is maintained.

ALPHA One – Modules
Card Feeding With up to four feeder magazines, the card feeding module has a capacity of up to 1,600 cards, permitting long operating intervals.
Chip Programming Scalable chip programming module features up to 40 readers and allows for a flexible configuration of contact and contactless programming heads.
Laser Marking Different laser systems can be integrated: From an economic fiber-laser system for binary markings, to high-power gray-scale laser systems enabling the marking of ID cards with gray-scale photographs, fingerprints, signatures, TrueType and OCR fonts, 1D and 2D bar codes. The laser can also apply special security elements such as microprinting (up to 1,000 dpi) or swivel pictures (MLI). Both sides of the card can be personalized using one or more successive laser units.
Visual Inspection Placed directly after the card feeding module, the visual inspection module verifies orientation of the incoming card body and detects print offsets. Placed after the laser marking module, the presence of optical elements can be verified: Text elements (TrueType and OCR), 1D or 2D bar codes, photographs, fingerprints, signatures, logos. Two-sided inspection allows for simultaneous verification of the front and back side of each card.
Stacking, Sorting and Diverting Includes four magazines and flexible sorting modes for easy handling of personalized cards. Up to two additional modules can be added for a maximum of 12 magazines.


Lisa Romahn

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