End-to-End Pharma Packaging Solutions

Integrated solutions for serialization, track & trace and late-stage printing

Atlantic Zeiser ranks among the leading suppliers of sophisticated individualization, serialization and track & trace solutions, which efficiently and seamlessly monitor products, securely verify authenticity, and reliably protect against counterfeiters. Innovative drop-on-demand inkjet technology results in superior print quality on primary and secondary packaging materials and also excels in the area of late-stage customizing.

Especially for the pharmaceutical industry, Atlantic Zeiser develops tailored systems to facilitate reliable, flexible, cost-efficient and fast application of unique security features to individual products. Atlantic Zeiser’s serialization and track & trace solutions consistently bring together the latest machine and printing technologies with intelligent and fully compatible software architecture. The modular serialization software MEDTRACKER addresses the particular needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Atlantic Zeiser develops and produces all the core technologies in-house. Taking advantage of our unique expertise, encompassing hardware, software and ink. These are the tools for building convincing solutions.

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Modular serialization solution for pharma businessCommunication with CMO/customerData sharing with national hubsConnection to ERP systemGateway ProviderPrinting one process step before packagingPrimary packaging printingSerialization integrated into the packaging lineAggregationManual repackingLevel 2 – Line LevelLevel 3 – Site LevelLevel 4 – Enterprise Level

Modular serialization solution for pharma business

MEDTRACKER is a modular software solution for the control and supervision of serialization and track & trace applications. It is made in such way that it can manage with respect to serialization and aggregation production lines, production sites and enterprises. It is expandable at any time. MEDTRACKER can generate unique serial numbers and distribute them to as many production sites and lines as required.

MEDTRACKER can exchange data with all common ERP systems and act as a production management platform that manages ISA levels 1 to 4. All currently known serialization principles are integrated. Future ones can become integrated by the operating company most of the time by defining the newly required code structure.

MEDTRACKER enables you to enter the world of serialization and track & trace. Future-proof and for all markets you may serve. MEDTRACKER makes processes safer and more efficient.

Take advantage of our long term experience in the area of product serialization.

Communication with CMO/customer

Data exchange with external partners such as CMO and MAH is vital. MEDTRACKER tackles such tasks via standard protocols and further open interfaces.

Data sharing with national hubs

MEDTRACKER is able to reliably generate and store unique serial numbers permanently and safely. Alternatively serial numbers can be easily imported from external sources. This function is good for China Codes or serialization data given to a CMO. MEDTRACKER can transmit the final production results to national databases, EU Hub or MAH customer after successful production.

Connection to ERP system

MEDTRACKER can be linked with all common ERP systems and enables comprehensive serialization and track & trace applications. The serialization software supplies features that are required for production lines, production sites and enterprises – from one solution partner.

MEDTRACKER can be installed on virtual servers and allows the use of an existing IT infrastructure.

Gateway Provider

MEDTRACKER can be connected to an external gateway provider.

Printing one process step before packaging

Digital printing systems for coding, serialization and late stage customization of cartons, blister lid foils and labels. Central supply of printed, coded or serialized materials for multiple packaging lines or customers.

  • DIGILINE Versa
    Fully integrated system for late stage customization and/or serialization of flat cartons in one single pass – monochrome and/or color.
  • DIGILINE Label – Offline
    Cost-efficient system solution for central late stage printing and serialization of labels from roll to roll.
  • DIGILINE Blister – Offline
    System for high-quality digital printing on blister lid foil. Printing of entire layouts as well as only variable data onto preprinted foils. The perfect solution to provide several lines. Ideal for fast integration into existing processes.

Primary packaging printing

Digital printing systems for blister lid foil and label.

  • DIGILINE Blister – Nearline/Inline
    Fully digital and therefore flexible, cost-efficient printing of blister lid foil to be directly fed to the blister machine. The ideal solution for small and medium sized batches.
  • DIGILINE Label – Nearline
    Economical solution to reliably print, code and serialize labels for vials, ampoules, HDPE bottles or pre-filled syringes for immediate supply into the packaging process.

Serialization integrated into the packaging line

Serialization of filled folding boxes.

    Highly productive and compact module for the inline serialization of erected and filled folding boxes. Thanks to its compact design the functionality can be extended with a checkweigher, bollini and tamper evident label units. The integrated interface to MEDTRACKER enables audit-proof production at highest efficiency.
  • MEDILINE T&T Integration Kit
    Integration kit (printer, camera, eject function) for single item coding. Project specific configuration according to customer requirements is part of the integration.


Equipment for acquisition of aggregation data – in a manual or automated process.

  • MEDILINE CodeCollectM
    Ergonomic packing station for the manual aggregation or rework of cases and pallets with a direct link to MEDTRACKER, the central serialization software from Atlantic Zeiser. This combination ensures efficient and process-safe aggregation of smaller batches – virtually without setup times.
  • MEDILINE CodeCollect Integration Kit
    Integration of components (printer, applicator, camera) for automated aggregation on the packaging line. Configuration according to customer requirements.

Manual repacking

Workstation that is connected to MEDTRACKER Logistic Manager for:

  • Commissioning and re-packing in shipment warehouses
  • Rework of damaged cases and pallets

The serial numbers are captured via handheld scanner. A thermo transfer printer creates the shipment label. The data in MEDTRACKER database is updated.

Level 2 – Line Level

The MEDTRACKER Line Manager manages online-data exchange to each device of a packaging line which is part of the serialization/aggregation process. In this way, the actual status of each product related to serialization/aggregation is available at any time and for any device along the line.

Plausibility checks related to QA samples that are recycled and purity verification of batches is enabled.

Single products of dissolved cases can be fed into the automated packaging process after a corresponding entry in MEDTRACKER.

Level 3 – Site Level

The MEDTRACKER Site Manager acts as a central data repository of one production site. A virtually unlimited number of Line Managers can be connected. Line servers receive production data along with serialization and aggregation parameters. At the end of one production run the line manager reports back the production results. The entire serialization/aggregation processes of all lines are managed by MEDTRACKER Site Manager.

Various interfaces are available to external systems like ERP, MES, CMO/MAH-Gateways and others for automated loading of required customer, material and serialization/aggregation data. A rework and shipment functionality can be provided by MEDTRACKER’s Logistic Manager which works in the shipment warehouse and operates directly on the data stored in the database of MEDTRACKER Site Manager.

Level 4 – Enterprise Level

The MEDTRACKER Corporate Manager works on Enterprise Level and provides the central repository for all production sites. A virtually unlimited number of Site Managers can be connected to the Corporate Manager for data exchange. Customer and product mater data are provided from the central repository after tapping it from other corporate IT systems like ERP or MES.

Various interfaces to CMO / MAHs allow management of external production partners. External logistic centers and warehouses can be connected. Direct interfaces to national hubs, EU hub or customers can be activated.

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