Cartes 2012: PMP Software Suite – One Management Platform for Card Production, Personalization and Mailing

Atlantic Zeiser’s comprehensive, powerful and highly secure software suite PMP focuses on card production and lifecycle management.

The suite’s modular concept allows users to choose different PMP features for their specific requirements. In addition, the PMP Software Platform can be used in conjunction with diverse existing manufacturers’ production machines.

Card issuers need only one software suite to manage their card personalization, mailings and lifecycle thanks to the PMP Software Suite from Atlantic Zeiser, a global technology leader in card personalization. The suite comprises PMP-Production, PMP-Instant and PMP-Lifecycle, and is based on a modular platform that enables users to add different PMP features to their infrastructure as their business evolves. The PMP Software Suite has been developed in accordance with the card market’s strict security regulations and meets international standards.

Atlantic Zeiser offers complete end-to-end system solutions. The PMP Software Suite is part of the company’s portfolio of products for high-quality and cost-effective card personalization, card finishing, card mailing and data management.

PMP-Production – card production management

Tracks and manages the whole production process. The software ensures a seamless card fulfillment process – from the delivery of card material, to booking into the system, through various card production and personalization steps to tracking the delivery to a warehouse or agent.

After receiving customer orders, the production administrator creates jobs and assigns them to the production machines and allocates unpersonalized cards. An operator receives the job description, prepares the machine and obtains the cards needed for production. Then the card production and personalization processes begin. Quality checks are carried out during and after production, with reproduction initialized if necessary. After the personalization is completed, reports are generated and the cards either mailed or stored.

PMP-Instant – instant issuing software

Enables cards to be issued on the fly while ensuring the highest level of security. For example, a new banking customer could set up an account and get his/her payment card right away. Data extracted from the customer’s ID (MRZ) is automatically transferred to a smart form, and is followed by online verification. The customer then enters her / his PIN of choice and signs the card using a signature scanner. In addition, a picture can be taken and added to the card design. Finally, one of Atlantic Zeiser’s systems instantly personalizes the customer’s card.

PMP-Lifecycle – card lifecycle management

The card industry is showing a clear trend towards multi-application cards, mainly in the payment and communication fields. The post-issuance phase in the card’s lifecycle becomes increasingly important as its applications may change: new applications can be activated e.g. a public transport applet loaded onto a telephone card; application parameters can change e.g. offline transaction limits; applications can be cancelled; and software updates become necessary etc. This poses new challenges for managing cards and application-related data.

PMP-Lifecycle makes the administration of multi-application cards transparent and convenient. All actions taken during the life of a card are documented, from manufacturing to scrapping. Update information for card chips can be made available in a variety of ways – over the air, at an ATM or terminal, at a PC etc.

Carl-Michael Heüveldop, Chief Marketing Officer, Executive Vice President, Atlantic Zeiser, comments: “The PMP Software Suite gives users all they need to manage the card personalization, mailing, enrollment and lifecycle process in an efficient, secure and reliable way. It also gives users excellent flexibility using different PMP features for their special business needs.”

See the power and versatility of the PMP Software Suite at CARTES 2012

Atlantic Zeiser is to showcase the PMP Software Suite at CARTES 2012, Paris, from November 06th to 08th. Make sure you visit the company’s booth to see the commercial benefits afforded by the system. The company can be found in Hall 3 on Stand D061.