Complete serialization solution for Abacus Medicine

Safe parallel imports to various EU markets

  • Abacus Medicine, a fast-growing parallel importer of prescription-only original pharmaceutical products, will employ a serialization solution from Atlantic Zeiser.
  • The solution comprises software as well as hardware components.
  • Abacus Medicine: “Due to the very complex nature of the challenge, having a very versatile partner such as Atlantic Zeiser is very important to us.”

EU serialization regulations are a special challenge for so-called parallel imports or re-imports of pharmaceutical products. Such pharmaceuticals must not only be serialized – their existing serialization must first be deregistered. In order to create an absolutely reliable, transparent, and audit-proof workflow, Abacus Medicine, a fast-growing parallel importer of pharmaceuticals, has decided to use a complete solution from Atlantic Zeiser. Headquartered in Copenhagen, the Danish company, which has 450 employees and registers sales of approximately 200 million euros, supplies numerous European markets.

Abacus Medicine is among the market leaders in the field of especially expensive pharmaceuticals which are used e.g. for chemotherapies or in the course of organ transplants. Currently, the company holds more than 2,500 licenses for pharmaceutical products, with about several 100 more being added each year. Buyers include pharmacies, wholesalers, and hospitals, who can thereby counteract the rising cost pressure for pharmaceuticals. “We exclusively distribute prescription-only original pharmaceutical products. Therefore, the obligation to serialize applies to our whole product range”, says Mick Nøbbe Rasmussen, Project Manager Serialization at Abacus. “Our workflow, however, is considerably more complex than processes at typical pharmaceutical manufacturers. Therefore, it was important for us to find a partner like Atlantic Zeiser who can not only contribute extensive know-how but is also very versatile while keeping to a tight schedule.”

One-stop hardware and software solution

Comprising both software and hardware components, the Atlantic Zeiser solution will be implemented until late 2018 at the Abacus Medicine logistics center in Hungary. It will enable the versatile generation, importing, management, distribution, printing, and aggregation of codes for different international regulations. Important factors include data exchange on a company level across several locations, secure handling of filled and unfilled folding cartons, and the efficient processing of even relatively small lot sizes.

“Atlantic Zeiser is ideally prepared for such complex solutions since we can offer a very wide range of software and hardware modules from one source”, explains Jens Löwe, Sales Manager at Atlantic Zeiser.

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