Serialization at the highest standard – Future-compatible software for Interpack

  • Managing unique serial numbers becomes a huge challenge when it is to be done across multiple locations and throughout a company – but it can be accomplished today with MEDTRACKER.

Pharmaceuticals manufacturers must ensure that the serial numbers they use are unique throughout the entire world, across all locations. For most companies that operate more than one plant, there is no getting around establishing a dedicated database management system for so-called ISA Level 4 – that is, at the enterprise level. Solutions for the line and site levels, that is, Levels 1-3, are generally not suitable for this purpose. Atlantic Zeiser is showcasing one of the few software solutions at Interpack 2017 (Hall 16, Booth A47), that are capable of meeting this challenge today. The modular construction of the software MEDTRACKER allows implementation through entire lines, production facilities, or entire companies – with a single product. Unlike many conventional software options, MEDTRACKER is a generic database application with the full functionality of a production management platform that allows all process steps and functions of hardware modules or entire packaging lines that are necessary for serialization to be defined, monitored, and adapted relatively freely, at any time, and usually without programming effort.

Connection to conventional ERP systems possible

An important aspect of mapping processes at the enterprise level is the connection to ERP systems, both on Level 3 and Level 4. MEDTRACKER is already equipped with a number of pre-defined and validated interfaces that can easily be adapted to the individual circumstances and processes of any company. Moreover, communication with external partners in the logistics and process chains such as contract packagers and packaging printers is also important. Here, too, MEDTRACKER supports standards such as EPCIS and many more. The easy-to-use software not only allows the simple, centralized generation, management, distribution, printing, aggregation, and, as necessary, reversal of codes for all internationally applicable legal regulations, but also, thanks to its modular architecture, minimizes future revalidation cost and effort resulting from necessary modifications to processes and rules. This makes MEDTRACKER a future-compatible software solution for serializing and tracking in the pharmaceuticals industry.

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Ute Heiler