Global pharmaceutical company adopts solution devised by Atlantic Zeiser

  • Built by Atlantic Zeiser, DIGILINE Label facilitates highly durable label coding for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The system is not only much more reliable and less susceptible to malfunctions than the currently favoured thermal transfer printing, but also operates significantly faster.
  • In view of the resistance it provides to abrasion and disinfectants a global manufacturer of vaccines uses DIGILINE Label to produce coded labels for vials.

When coding pharmaceutical products, manufacturers must be able to rely 100% on the flawless and durable printing of variable data, such as the use-by date and batch information. In many cases, however, the printed image produced by thermal transfer technology, which is most widely used at present, does not offer resistance to wear and abrasion. Atlantic Zeiser’s DIGILINE Label printing system, as installed in a plant operated by a global manufacturer of vaccines, now offers a solution. The danger of the codes being damaged by friction occurring between the vials of serum on the production line or inside the secondary packaging has been successfully eliminated in a project pursued in collaboration with Atlantic Zeiser. The greater process security afforded by DIGILINE Label has also minimised the risk of costly production interruptions throughout the packaging line.

DIGILINE Label uses high-performance UV-curable inks developed in-house. The system ensures brilliant print quality and supreme resistance to abrasion and alcohol-based solvents. In the absence of ink ribbons and print bars, operating costs can be reduced by as much as 30 percent. Compared to thermal transfer technology, the system offers other substantial advantages in view of printing speeds that are up to four times higher. A further argument in its favour is the integrated label buffer of the nearline version, which enables the system to respond effortlessly to fluctuating applicator speeds. DIGILINE Label is also very easy to install in any packaging line without any complications or intervention in the existing production system. The vaccine manufacturer has already been operating DIGILINE Label absolutely troublefree for six months and is so impressed that it now intends to install three more systems. Process security will be further enhanced as they enter service.

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