Lowest cost per card: premiere for true rainbow deck capability in DoD printing

Trustech 2018: the future of banking card personalization

  • With the new Card Personalization Platform, variable data is ripped on-the-fly.
  • Thanks to innovative software, the inspection camera no longer needs time-consuming set-up processes.
  • A dedicated cleaning & capping station renders interruptions for manual cleaning of the printing module largely unnecessary.

At the Trustech 2018 fair, Atlantic Zeiser will be the first provider worldwide to present drop-on-demand printing technology for personalizing banking cards with true rainbow deck capability. This technology is based on a Card Personalization Platform successively developed by the company over the last few years which will now be showcased with a range of innovative, partly unique features. “The basic idea of rainbow decks is to process many small, completely different orders in one production run – seamlessly and without any interruptions, even in cases of batch sizes of one”, explains Friedbert Bayer, Product Management Director at Atlantic Zeiser. The brilliant and cost-efficient DoD printing technology allows users to economically process daily operations as well as typical order peaks during card renewals – at the lowest costs per card, with a virtually unprecedented freedom in designing and placing personalized data. “In order to make full use of its efficiency enhancing capabilities, our OMEGA Pro printer’s RIP engine is capable of seamlessly changing the print layout on-the-fly”, says Bayer. Set-up and teach-in of the print control camera, which was extremely time-consuming especially in case of multiple small orders, is no longer required, and neither is the manual cleaning of print heads which previously led to production stops. Combined with an optional inline mailing module, Atlantic Zeiser’s Card Personalization Platform can therefore handle the complete workflow during the personalization of banking cards, “very economically, with unprecedentedly brilliant print”, explains Bayer.

Printing module delivers time savings through inline ripping

OMEGA Pro, Atlantic Zeiser’s new UV inkjet printer with drop-on-demand technology, is a central element of the Card Personalization Platform. It not only uses innovative Embedded RIP technology to facilitate inline ripping of the variable data components. All parameters such as positioning of the personalization data, font, font size, font style, and alignment are dynamically received by the printer and integrated into the RIP process in real time. The time saving during data preparation is enormous. Fully automatic, contact-free cleaning of the inkjets ensures consistently flawless print quality and minimal ink consumption. Jetters currently not in use are selectively closed (“capping”), which also optimizes print head availability.

Inspection camera without time-consuming set-ups

Current camera verification solutions implement recognition techniques which require time-consuming manual setup processes (parameters, camera setups) and do not leverage dynamic optimizations. These constraints prohibit an efficient rainbow deck processing. In its latest generation of products, Atlantic Zeiser has therefore implemented VERICAM Pro, a new generic software solution. It eliminates the manual setup procedure in order to make the overall solution much more versatile for small order sizes down to individual cards (batch size one). VERICAM Pro runs on a SmartCamera hardware, since the new solution is extremely efficient in throughput and resource usage. Technologically, Atlantic Zeiser’s VERICAM Pro is based on a powerful contour-matching technique and on a smart binarization process. This allows imprinted texts to be extracted generically and matched intelligently. VERICAM Pro utilizes highly advanced technologies which are field-proven in various applications in different industries.

Mailing module for the complete workflow

While the cards are being personalized, a special optional mailing module can already prepare everything for sending. It operates in parallel, printing personalized business letters, applying up to four cards inline, folding the mail piece, adding enclosures, and inserting the package into envelopes ready for sending. Users can thereby safely process complete personalization tasks – in one single operation and on one machine. “Atlantic Zeiser’s Card Personalization Platform offers users all that is required to switch to the economic, efficient next-generation DoD technology, allowing them to abandon outdated, high-maintenance and very inflexible mechanical embossing as well as abrasion-prone, consumption-intensive thermal transfer printing”, stresses Bayer. “We really are experiencing the future of banking card personalization.”

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Ute Heiler