New release for Fachpack 2015: Integrated system with built-in process security for printing serial numbers on flat carton boxes

  • DIGILINE Single 450 Pharma is an end-to-end serialization system for flat carton boxes that offers the utmost process security at all times.
  • It enables packaging service providers and pharmaceutical producers to comply with all current and future serialization regulations.
  • Among other capabilities, the system can produce the complex veterinary QR code for China.

When serial numbers are being printed, the cycle time is becoming an increasingly critical factor for pharmaceutical producers, packaging printers and other service providers. In many cases, however, it is still not being given sufficient attention. At this year’s Fachpack fair in Nuremberg, Germany, Atlantic Zeiser is presenting a new, fully integrated system for printing serial numbers on flat carton boxes that ensures high quality and process security even when orders have to be processed at short notice (Hall 3A, Booth 417).

DIGILINE Single 450 Pharma encompasses not only all of the essential printing, labeling, camera and transport systems, but also the new and powerful unique code software. It is designed to comply with all current and forthcoming serialization regulations, including those governing the QR code for veterinary products that will become obligatory in China from 2016. This code presents a special challenge because the software has to be capable of processing the plethora of Chinese characters.

“Packaging service providers in particular need to respond to the call for fast and error-free delivery,” insists Helmut Schneider, Product Group Manager Packaging at Atlantic Zeiser. “The pharmaceutical industry imposes very strict requirements as regards product quality and the reporting of production data. In this context, DIGILINE Single 450 Pharma represents an efficient and reliable end-to-end solution for delivering non-duplicated and error-free codes.”

Dependable and flexible serialization

Included in the attributes of the unique code software that forms part of the package is the ability to recognise duplication when data are being imported. Highly flexible and efficient production planning is facilitated by the option of apportioning production orders to several machines – without incurring any risk – and of interrupting production to redistribute orders. Integrated order management functions keep a constant check on both machines and orders – even when several machines are operating at the same time in different locations.

In combination with inspection cameras, the built-in unique code software enables DIGILINE Single 450 Pharma to make absolutely certain that the carton box type, code layout and serial number match one another. Products that do not comply with the prescribed criteria are automatically and reliably removed from the production cycle. In such cases, the unique code software ensures that serial numbers are not duplicated and reprinted, even in the event of operating errors, malfunctions or other unusual situations. All the issued serial numbers are permanently and securely saved together with status information in the database for further processing.

Versatile installation and retrofitting

Depending on the user’s requirements, the transport system of DIGILINE Single 450 Pharma can accommodate or be retrofitted with various hardware units, such as OMEGA drop-on-demand inkjet printers in a variety of widths, labellers, or inspection cameras, allowing carton boxes to be printed on both sides if required.

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Ute Heiler